Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Continuity task- Our story is about two boys playing football, with one clumsly falling over a bystander at the end. The main plot was simple, and there wasn't much going on, so it wsa easier to create a narrative flow. However, creating a narrative flow was still extremly hard (especially without editing), with the ball having to be thrown and kicked at several different angles and heights to make create continuity between shots.

Several shots were retaken, in an effort to acheive full continuity. However, the transition between shots 2 and 3 was not continuous, as the ball is kicked low off the ground in shot 2, whereas it appears high in the air in shot 3. This transition could be better. For example, the ball could have been kicked higher off the ground in shot 2, which would have improved the narrative flow between shots 2 and 3. Because of this, we did not acheive full continuity.

Improvements could be made to the video to improve the narrative flow, apart from the poor continuity between shots 2 and 3. For example, the shots could be cut quicker, like at the end of shot 2, where the shot could be cut immediatly after the ball was kicked, instead of showing character 2's legs for a few more seconds. Character 3 could also be more involved in the video, as he is randomly introduced, and it is not apparent to the audience what he is doing when character 1 trips over him.

Monday, 18 September 2017

'Logan' was realesed February 2017, and follows the final chapter of Marvel hero Wolverine's life. The film took a largely different approach to most other Marvel films, as reflected by the trailer. The trailer contains graphic violence, showing the  girl hacking mercineries to bits, suggesting that the trailer is meant to appeal to older audiences. The return of Wolverine largely appeals to Marvel fans, especially those who are also fans of the actor Hugh Jackman (who plays Logan).

The genre for the film is action/adventure, as reflected by the consitant explosions and fight scences throughout the trailer. The genre is another source of audience appeal, as Marvel audiences are familiar with fight scences and villains. The villain is another typical action genre signifier, this time being a mercenary seeking to oversee the extinction of mutants, including the girl.

The film has been branded as a Marvel movie, so the public is able to associate 'Logan' with other Marvel movies. This is shown by the Marvel ident at the beginnning of the trailer. Since many Marvel movies in the past have been successful, potentials viewers are more likely to go and watch 'Logan', as they can associate it with previous successes, making them belwive it will be a good film. Although Marvel is owned by Disney, the trailer doesn't contain any Disney ident, because Disney is associated with kid-friendly, family movies, while this movie is a violent action/adventure movie for older audiences. Therefore, it would not have been a good idea to put the Disney ident into the trailer, because potential audiences may have been put off by Disney's kid-friendly vibe.